Wednesday, July 23, 2008

It's been a week of normal Mom and kids stuff. The waterpark on Monday, hanging out in the backyard on Tuesday, and playdates for everyone today. Good stuff...but tomorrow...a day for me. I get a playdate - imagine. A whole day. I'm meeting Mary and we are in for a day of sushi, shopping, and chatting. So looking forward to a day to rejuvenate. Thanks Mary in advance for a well needed Mom's day out. Thanks Nana for making it possible.
Still without my camera so photos are at a minimum right now. But here's a few faves from the past couple days.This is how we see Reagan most often now - those goggles always on her forehead. She sits at dinner like this. Love it.Taggart hugs are hard to come by and for Hudson they are gold.

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Anonymous said...

Love the photos of Reagan and Cooper and Hudson and Tag - totally content faces. I am looking forward to a day of shopping, lunching and a glass of red with you!! Love, Leni