Monday, July 7, 2008

Summer fun

I don't know if this first bit really fits into the title but it does only happen in summer so here it is.

120 lbs of strawberries - was I insane!? We headed to the patch last Monday and brought home 75 lbs. It took me three days to get all those washed, frozen or made into jam. Then I thought "that's not enough" and back we went for another 45 lbs. And today, a whole week later I am finally done with strawberries. If all that jam and all those frozen berries don't last us until next year I will have to conclude that we consume far too many strawberries.I occasionally had helpers but the novelty of stirring soon wore off and I was left alone in the trenches once again.
In the middle of all those piles of red juiciness we still managed to have a little fun.

Mary and the kids came over Friday for a picnic dinner at the park. Aunty Mary arrived with a face-painting kit and after everyone finished being 'decorated' with that we saw some very dark clouds roll in. So we opted to picnic in our own backyard where, if need be, we could quickly duck for cover.
This one cracks me up - only Cooper would actually bring Aunty Mary a sample of what he wanted her to paint. The weekend ended last night with another picnic and this time we made it to the park. This is our favorite local picnic spot. We spread our blanket right next to the playground and the kids 'eat-play-eat-play-eat-play' (Tag's terminology). Then after dinner and a game of football we pack up our blanket and take a walk all the way around the park. We stop at every little access to the lake to throw a couple rocks or to yell at the Canada Geese. There are two more playgrounds on the route and we stop at each one, everytime, without fail. The kids are completely tuckered out by the end and we head home for baths and bed. Perfect.

It was a 'spur of the moment' picnic so McD's was the logical choice.When you have to eat before you play you have to shove the food in - no time for messing around.A game of pig in the middle with Tony and the big boys.When Hudson wins the fight for the ball - happy!
When Hudson doesn't get the ball - not so much!Cooper's 'up-to-no-good' face.Love how Nana is holding on to the back of Tag's shirt so he doesn't fall in.Couple walking by with this cute little furball let the kids pet her. Now they are all on the "can we please, please, please, please have a puppy" kick.Tag would have stopped to sit on every bench if we would have let him.
Reagan's determination to beat her big bro - Coop, upon losing the race, promptly blamed the path being too hard for his roller blades. Tough to get beat by a girl.
It's a long walk around the whole lake.Sometimes you need a lift.Tag had to go to the bathroom and Cooper spotted this one, the only one around. Tag wan't sure until Coop told him it was the one from Shrek. I said I wasn't going in there so Tag made Coop take him in (they're both in there in this shot). But after Tag saw all the bramble bushes growing inside there he decided he could wait until we got home. Smart choice.


mary said...

Love all the photos. The berries are a lot of work - but nothing beats homemade jam! Looks like the nice weather will be here for a while, so lots of time for more fun in the sun!

olivia said...

i love all the pictres. especially the one of reagan with her butterfly face paint. it's so pretty! i hope we get to go on another picnic soon.

Anonymous said...

Great blog - love the photos and Reagan's face sure suits the butterfly. I can't wait to taste some of the jam Heidy!! Yumm!! The warm weather sure looks inviting - it was 7 degrees in our house this morning when I made myself get out of bed - brrrrr. Can't wait to get home! 23 sleeps. Love, Leni