Friday, July 18, 2008

Together again

Just got back from picking up Cooper from camp. He had a great time just like I know he would. He was very proud to tell me that he did not change his clothes all week. He slept in them and everything - just got changed to go in the pool. You would think that would save me on laundry but when I opened that bag I was quite sure that everything would go through the wash - worn or not. The only thing I don't have to wash is one particular pair of socks - they can't be saved.

Nice to have everyone back together again (except Tony who's working late again). Nana made the trip up to camp with us tonight. It was nice to have her see where the kids go.

Sorry, no photos again - bad Mom again forgot the camera.

Coop's calling - he's out of the shower and back to his clean, pre-camp, smell. Time to tuck in and go to bed myself.

And just because I hate to post without a photo, here's some from the other day. What a couple of hams.


Anonymous said...

Very goofy - Tag can't lign up his eyes so he is even more of a ham. 11 sleeps, Yeah!! Love, Leni

Caroline said...

Silence of the Hams!